5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Seniors in Assisted Living

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Is it your loved ones first year living in seniors housing or assisted living? Then you may not know how to handle celebrating Christmas with them this year. Sometimes, your friend or family member moves into an assisted living facility because they simply need a little extra help and don’t want to deal with owning a home any longer. That means they’re quite likely able to still travel and attend celebrations as usual. Perfect! However, quite often, folks move into assisted living because they’re having great difficulty with movement and possibly comprehension. Therefore, it may prove more difficult getting them to your celebration.
We’ve come up with five great ideas on how to celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones who are in assisted living.

Make a Date to Take Them Somewhere Special

If bringing your friend or family member to your home for Christmas is not an option, make a date with them for Christmas Eve (or whichever date near Christmas works for both of you). Take them on a drive to see the festive holiday light decorations, to a special Christmas play, or to a one-on-one lunch or dinner. This will get you both into the Christmas spirit.

Visit Them on Christmas Day

If you can get away for a bit on Christmas Day, your loved one would be so happy to see you. Maybe a few family members can join them in the seniors home for lunch or an afternoon snack. Bring holiday treats, decorate their room, and invite others in the home to join in on the festivities.
If you truly can’t get away, a video chat is the next best thing!

Continue or Start a Tradition

Does your dad have a favourite Christmas movie he watches every year? Find the DVD or download it on your laptop and make a special date to watch it with him at his home.
If you can’t think of anything that’s already a tradition – start a new one! It could be a movie, decorating cookies, writing out Christmas cards together, or a get-together with a few other residents of the assisted living facility to sing Christmas carols.

Join in on Festivities Their Seniors Home Is Having

Most assisted living homes will host a special holiday meal a few days before Christmas to invite loved ones to share. And they will often offer Christmas activities and crafts during the season. Encourage your loved one to join in. And if it’s possible, bring your family down.

Bring the Kids Down

Most seniors love children and enjoy seeing their happy faces – especially if they’re in a super cute Christmas outfit. Bring some joy to your loved one — and the rest of the people living there — by bringing your kids down to the seniors home to hand out candy canes or other special treats.

Have a Fantastic Holiday!

The first Christmas you spend without your loved one at your holiday table can be tough. It’s important to make new memories and keep the holiday spirit going. At Trillium Communities, we love the holidays. We offer activities and other events to keep your loved ones joyful and in the spirit of Christmas.