Are You Keeping Healthy As You Age?

Did you know that September was Healthy Aging month? We’d love to see you practicing happy and healthy aging every month, so take this opportunity to get on the right track all the way into October. It doesn’t even matter how old you actually are, these are tips that everyone can utilize:


Be Happy

Unfortunately, some people get into a rut and have an attitude of “that’s the way things have always been” so they aren’t enjoying life to their fullest. Take some time over the next few weeks to tune into your feelings. Are you spending time with anyone who drains your energy or have you committed to an activity that you actually dread doing? It may be time to let these things go. If you truly can’t then brainstorm some ideas to make these outings more pleasant. Perhaps suggest a change in scenery or treat yourself to something special afterwards so you will have something to redeem the event.

Adopting an “attitude of gratitude” helps greatly when you’re feeling a bit stagnant in your life. Take time to smell the flowers and breathe in the fresh air. At the end of every day, take note of at least three things that made you smile or anything you truly appreciate in your life — no matter how small.


Try Something New

This month, look through community and recreation centre guides, as well as calendars from local art centres or schools and pick out something new to try. It could be trying a new exercise class, a drawing lesson, or even joining a book or chess club. Learning keeps your brain active and being social will do more for your age than almost anything else. Even if it sounds crazy or inappropriate for your age, GO FOR IT! You never know — you could find a passion you never knew you had.


Get Active

Staying active is so important to healthy aging. Keeping yourself moving regularly will reduce your risk of falling and keep your joints lubricated and in tip-top shape. If you haven’t exercised in a while, make sure to start off slow and if you have any movement issues check with your doctor first. If you aren’t part of a community which offers classes, your local recreation centre will likely offer classes that range from seated, gentle yoga to advanced aerobics, so pick what you are comfortable with. Even going for a short daily walk works.


Check Your Posture

As we age, muscles can start to seize and we tend to get a little sloppy in how we sit and stand. A few times a day, check that you are standing or sitting tall correctly. Having good posture will make all the difference in how your body feels — and looks — and will keep a spring in your step a lot longer.


Keep Up On Your Health

The older we get, the more tests and checkups we need to make sure we are staying in the best health we possibly can. Don’t skip these because early detection is best if there does happen to be an issue. So make a set time every year (today!) to book those dentist, doctor and specialist appointments.


Come & Visit Trillium Communities

At a Trillium Retirement Community, we encourage healthy living by giving you the means to be part of an active, happy, social community and to enjoy all the activities we have available for you. Your own space in our boutique living communities ensures you can also have as much independence and solo time as you want as well. Contact us today to book a tour of one or more of our many locations on lower Vancouver Island or the mainland.