Trillium Team Member Spotlight – Sukhi Mandair

Food is a major part in everyone’s life. It brings people together for social events and other family occasions. How we create food by displaying them at functions can be a critical piece in bringing the “Wow ’’ effect. That effect makes everyone eat as much as their heart’s desire.

Sukhi Mandair, has been a cook at Trillium Bevan Village for over 17 years. She is very passionate about the residents and the meals we serve them. Sukhi’s ability to create artifacts from fruits, different foods, and baking goods is astonishing. Culinary Arts is the ability to create different kinds of food from different cultures or different places. What Sukhi brings to Bevan Village is the ability to imagine and create things with oranges, a snowman made from eggs and a Santa made with Strawberries.

The residents at Bevan look forward to the Residents Christmas Party every year because they are able to see incredible works of art made with just food items. Her creations have become so well known, that our attendance increases each year. It brings so many families together for a special time of year.

Sukhi is truly a Wow Chef, and has been bringing the Wow effect into her workplace every day for the past 17 years.

For more information about our nutritional programs at any of our Trillium Communities, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 1-778-817-1139.